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Not only is Verna V. Nickelberry the Chief Excutieve Officer of

VeMaShe™ Enterprises, but she is also the Founder and Editorial Director of Ordinary People Magazine.

She is also the host of OPM Live! with Verna V. Nickelberry


ORDINARY PEOPLE magazine is the result of a God given assignment which Ms Nickelberry received in the 2005 but wasn’t birth until March of 2008. 


Ms. Nickelberry:

“When God gave me the assignment I was excited and reluctant to take on such a huge task. I had no experience in this type of work. I didn’t know where to start, nor did I have the funds. So, I put it off for about two months, this only made the voice of God louder in my ear.  I started in the fall of 2005, but was met with some obstacles and once again I stopped.  On October 18, 2007, the voice of God spoke, “saying it was time to start on the magazine again.”  And once again I had do idea as to where to start and no funds. I began to research the start up cost of producing a magazine. After weeks of spending nights on the internet, praying, and having conversations with God, things began to fall into place.  It was then that I realized that this was not my idea, but God’s idea.  Ordinary People magazine is not my magazine but God’s magazine, I am but the vessel used to carry out the mission that He has given me charge of.” 


 Host of:



   OPM Annual Servant Awards 


   OPM Live!


   Small Business Corner Network Group (FB)


   One of Tri-State Defender's  “50 Women Of Excellence” 2012


   Ms. Nickelberry has volunteered for several organizations within the Memphis area:


   Our Children, Our Future…a volunteer tutoring program sponsored by the Memphis City Schools


   Vollentine Elementary Career Day—Memphis City School


   Youth Service in Memphis, Inc


   Friends of the Orpheum Theater


   Volunteered - LeMoyne-Owen College during the Hank Aaron Celebrate Week-End


   Served as the president for Drifters, Incorporated, a non-profit organization with over 50 chapters throughout the United States, serving the youth and the elderly.


   Served as a Combined Federal Campaign Loaned Executive for five years with United Way of the Mid-South


   Served as the Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator…Memphis Military Entrance Processing Station


   Served as the Readiness Support Group Coordinator…Memphis Military Entrance Processing Station


  Ms. Nickelberry has given many hours of services to others. Her servant’s heart can be seen in her work as the visionary of Ordinary People         Magazine.


  Ms. Nickelberry retired from the Federal Government with over 25 years of service.


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